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Hello from the lower Appalachian Mountains of the United States
Here is my kit:
50's Japanese Jupiter 50mm f=600 unpowered telescope, refractor, and I only have a few eyepieces.

I had a nice, huge, Meade refractor but I loaned it to my father, and his wife broke it moving, basically out of spite. Can't say anything, she gave birth to me.

Night Vision
United States Scopes

Cascade tube GenI
US Military
Starlight PVS-2B 4x
Starlight PVS-2B 4x

Gen II US Military
AN/PVS-4 with Lighted Reticle


German/Dutch maybe Israeli or Iraqi
2 near faded lime green Telefunken-AEG 5x Gen 1 Scopes

I will be possibly be buying a pair of PPN-3 Gen I/Gen O if I can find out what magnification the PPN-3 is. I love my NSP-3.

My Problem child:
Insert string of profanity here. It is a Varo Hyperminiscope 9823e
THE WORST INVESTMENT EVER. Supposed to be 100% NEW, from a seller in Belgium.

Said it was a 5x just like my PVS-4 but with stronger first generation Philips Photonix XX 1136 image tube with adjustable reticle.

Only I can't find an 1136 tube anywhere. I can't find anyone who rebuilds Gen1 tubes either.

Even though the darn things were supposedly made by VARO of Garland TX but VARO was sued and out of business.

I could fix it if I could just find a tube matching the 1136 but I'm thus far screwed.

I can't find a PVS-4 battery/tube housing to convert to PVS-4.

This scope has been an expensive nightmare.

How I got into Night Vision
I got into night vision after my big cat, a mostly maine coon cat, named Pieface, got out of the house and it was night time. He was hurt extremely badly by coyotes and climbed up a tree- he lasted just long enough for me to find him.

I couldn't afford a PVS-2B as they were going for $475+,

But this really cool Polish man sent me a complete, unissued NSP-3 night scope. I devised a way of mounting it to an AR-180 and with vortex flash supressor, sighted it at night using a laser, and exacted revenge.

Then, in a strange turn of events, I found out you could stargaze on a clear night- I can see the stars clearly if it isn't cloudy, but the NSP-3, oh it made star gazing a joy.

Then I had to have a PVS-2B. A nice man in Chicago sold me his for $400. It had just been depot repaired.

It was wonderful on starry nights. How I wish I could capture on camera video of things I've seen.

I next got the 9823e, and it absolutely nearly ruined me on night vision as it arrived completely screwed, Paypal told me to buzz off and so did the guy from Belgium. He told me he was ex-French Foreign Legion, that's how he got the scope, and if he was ever in the United States, he planned to take my head as a trophy. I later found out he scammed a lot of people and was just a fat old blowhard.

Varo in Texas is gone. Their distributor for LE and civilians was Universal Technologies Inc also in Texas, and they are gone. Philips-Photonix gave me the buzz off.

And that is my story.

I desperately need a wiring diagram and an XX 1136 image intensifier tube and maybe I could make the pain of the 9823e go away. But I figure ever finding a 1136 IIT is like finding a vein of gold on my property. It is not going to happen.

I still have Pieface's black brother Starchest, and I have Pieface's orange son, Charlie. I love animals of all types. and stargazing, and night vision.

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